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LUCIUS TIREY IV - Holistic Health & Physical Preparedness Coach 

Together lets forge a life of endless adventure by simplifying fitness, erasing pain, and elevating play

For over two decades, I have dedicated myself to coaching individuals in the realms of performance, health, and wellness. My expertise spans across strength training, performance optimization, nutrition, pain-free movement, and beyond. What sets me apart from other coaches is not just my extensive experience, but also my proficiency with a diverse range of exercise tools, methodologies, and programs. I am deeply committed to assisting others in crafting a lifestyle that aligns with their ambitions. My primary mission is to guide you on a journey to physical autonomy, whether in your daily life or your chosen sport, empowering you with true mastery over your physical capabilities and well-being.

How To Train With Me

Private Coaching

The way to get individual coaching and guidance associated solely around your goals, needs, and desires.

Join A Team

Follow one of my GreenStrength Online Programs through the Train Heroic App. Each program embodies the Greenstrength Lifestyle and provides much more than just regular fitness training. 

Join My HQ Tribe

If you're in the OKC metro I highly suggest checking out our Tribe. Our members experience a full spectrum of classes from strength, durability & conditioning, primal flow, and primal yoga (The YogaBox Yoga)


Some of my favorite programs over the years I have packaged up for you to experience. These tend to be a little more specialty focussed and not as general as some of our standard GPP training. 

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